Artist statement

I am first and foremost a glassworker and a ceramist, but often I am also a weaver, a photographer, a watercolorist or an author. I am a researcher who experiments with matter, aiming at the metamorphosis of form, surface, identity. The search for poetry and intimacy holds a great place in my practice. The traces of life, of memory and of time passaging by are recurring themes resulting from my research of the accidental and its aestheticism. Through my practice, I pursue a reflection on the ephemeral and the impermanence, looking for the perfect imperfection.


Accidental alteration is as much a process as a quest intimately linked to my need for the authenticity of the result. The observed scars, flaws, defects, their causes and their consequences become for me a source of inspiration. I choose not to correct, in order to put myself in a state of trust in front of the living and autonomous work. Then settles an intimacy, a feeling of collaboration with the matter.


I work with accumulation and small evolutionary series, the previous object being the genesis of the next one. I bounce on a particular aspect of an object toward the one of another. The series then becomes a whole, an incarnated witness of a step-by-step mutation. Small repetitive gestures are a way for me to force myself to really look at the object in my hands, observe the smallest details, then magnify or mitigate them. My approach is symptomatic of the non-choice that I claim. Thus, I give myself the right to love several results and to be carried by them.

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