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Originally from Montreal, Judith Dubord has lived and worked in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli since 2006. Ceramist and glassmaker, she has a practice oriented towards the design and production of craft objects where the mixing of materials holds a important place. She is particularly interested in ancient crafts, particularly in ceramics surface treatment. She graduated in Techniques de Métiers d’art specializing in ceramics (2016) from Cégep Limoilou and from the short graduate program in the Study of Artistic Practice from the Université du Québec à Rimouski (2018). ​

Tasses à thé Roccoco Bling Bling
Tour de potier

Sobriety and Fantasy

My practice in crafts is at first formal, superimposed on a quest for the poetic and playful intimate moments. My choice of materials, clay and glass, implies a passage through the fire and a feeling of anticipation induced by their physical-chemical metamorphoses. I am particularly interested in craftsmanship and material transformation. The object and the techniques of ornamentation and surface treatments are at the heart of my research.

carries roots and intimacy that allows me to access the volume and the form of the vessel which concepts have a deep meaning for me. Glass, airy and luminous, appears and reappears regularly in my work.  It carries exuberance and volubility, becoming an ornament on my ceramic works.

I look for contrasts and dichotomies between the form and its ornamentation.  The cohabitation between sobriety and fantasy is one of my favored aesthetic explorations.  I am constantly exploring the fine line between delicacy and disorder.  Intimacy, rootedness, volubility and incongruity are all themes that inform my artistic actions.


The gesture, repeated endlessly, relentlessly, to master its effect fascinates me. Added to this is an uninterrupted quest within ancient and new ornamentation techniques, in order to invent new surfaces. The exploration of color and patterns through the evolution of the forms that I design are essential in my daily life as a ceramist.

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