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Tour de potier


Through my constant research and exploration, new ideas germinate and become embodied in collections. Some are ephemeral while others are anchored in the studio. All reflect the dialogue that takes place between my mind and my hands...

Tasses à thé Roccoco Bling Bling

Roccoco Bling-Bling

Roccoco Bling-Bling Collection present an abundant and playful decor. A work of superposition of several surface treatment techniques allows me to obtain this aestheticism of chaos, totally assumed. The patterns and colors that I like meet there and offer an overabundance, synonymous with joy, embellished with a touch of madness. As Iris Apfel says: "More is more and less is a bore!".

Prendre le large

"Prendre le large" Collection is inspired by the St-Lawrence river and the wind. From one tide to another, the sailboats come and go in an incessant fluvial ballet. Rain, wind and storm punctuate sea trips. But setting sail also means giving yourself the right to escape... ​


"Prendre le large" Collection is almost entirely made on a potter's wheel. It highlights two ornamental techniques, screenprinting and gold luster by transfer.

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