Judith Dubord is a glassworker and a ceramist established in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, in the province of Quebec.  Initially attracted to glass fusing and thermoforming, she developed a series of glass plates and gained notoriety after her collaboration with the Laurie Raphaël restaurants in Quebec City and Montreal.


In 2005, she discovers glass torchworking, and decides to further develop her expertise in this technique by attending Espace VERRE, a specialized school for glassworkers in Montreal.  She starts creating bright, sculptural, and exuberant glass jewellery that quickly sparks most of her interest in her practice as a glassmaker. ​


In 2012, she enrols in a professional programme in ceramics at La Maison des Métiers d'Art in Quebec City, from which she graduates in 2016.  She is now developing a series of utilitarian ceramic objects while pursuing her glass work, mainly focusing on jewellery as an artwork.


In 2018, Judith Dubord obtained a degree in Artistic Practice Studies from the University of Rimouski.  She is currently pursuing a research/creation project on the interweaving of media and matter.  Her practice is intimately linked to poetry and to the ephemeral and impermanent nature of being.


First and foremost, I am a glassworker and a ceramist. However, I am often also a weaver, a photographer, an author, an alchemist. My starting point is matter. I am attracted to matter because of its physicochemical properties and the opportunities of metamorphosis and alteration.


Plant invasions and mycological colonization, their causes and their consequences, are for me sources of observation and inspiration. Repetition, of form and gesture, becomes inducive of a state of receptiveness to the work being created. Then settles in a sense of intimacy leading to a feeling of collaboration with the matter.


I am attracted to processes that are complex and require a certain degree of know-how, such as torchworking, throwing clay, weaving. By performing these ancestral crafts, I feel I am carrying and passing along knowledge and expertise, an important role in this world.


Through my actions and observations, I dive into an emotional, autobiographical and intimate space. My work is a reflection of my relationship to others, my need to take root, my contrasts, and the ephemeral, transient nature of life itself. Through my work I contemplate light and joy, rooting and flying, and try to access yi-jing*.


I work in limited, evolutionary series, the previous object being the genesis of the next one. I bounce off a particular aspect of an object towards that of another. The series then becomes a whole, an incarnated witness of a step-by-step mutation. My approach is symptomatic of the non-choice that I claim.


*yi-jing: higher state of mind, supreme dimension of the soul

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